Forex News: US Ongoing Debates and German Preliminary CPI Data in the 1st Week of June 2023

In the fast-paced world of forex trading, staying updated with the latest news and developments is paramount for making informed trading decisions. In the first week of June, according to Daily Forex, here are some significant issues that you should consider. 

Ongoing Debates Impacting the United States Markets

The forex market in the United States continues to be influenced by two ongoing debates. The first concerns whether the Federal Reserve has completed its cycle of rate hikes. The second debate revolves around the resolution of the debt ceiling crisis, which was recently passed by the Senate. These debates have a direct impact on the fluctuation of the US Dollar and stock markets, with analysts closely analyzing US data in search of hints about the Fed’s potential actions at its upcoming policy meeting in June.

Currently, the primary concern is whether the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates by another 25 basis points at the June meeting. Recent indications suggest that such a hike is becoming increasingly unlikely. This perspective gained strength following last week’s positive US economic data, particularly the Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) report released on Friday. The NFP data revealed that the US economy generated more jobs than anticipated, with 339,000 new jobs created compared to the expected 193,000. Additionally, earlier in the week, the JOLTS Job Openings data showed robust figures. However, it’s worth noting that the unemployment rate rose from the expected 3.5% to 3.7%, contrary to expectations of a decline from the previous rate of 3.4%.

As a result, the probability of a rate hike by the Federal Reserve in June has decreased to approximately 20%, a significant decline from the 70% estimate of last week. Nonetheless, even if a rate hike doesn’t occur in June, market participants widely anticipate one to take place in July. Consequently, it is likely that the Federal Reserve has not yet reached the terminal rate, and further increases may be expected beyond the next couple of meetings.

The German Preliminary CPI Data 

Last week, the release of German Preliminary Consumer Price Index (CPI) data had a notable impact on the Forex market. The data indicated a month-on-month decrease in inflation of 0.1%, contrary to expectations of a 0.2% increase. This unexpected decline in inflationary pressures had a weakening effect on the Euro, as it lowered the prospects of potential rate hikes by the European Central Bank (ECB).

The weaker-than-expected CPI data from Germany signaled a potential slowdown in economic growth and dampened expectations of tighter monetary policy. As a result, investors adjusted their positions and exhibited a more cautious stance toward the Euro, leading to a slight depreciation in its value relative to other currencies.

Major Data Releases

  • US CB Consumer Confidence: The US Consumer Confidence Index came in slightly higher than expected, indicating that there is still a healthy level of consumer spending. This suggests that consumers remain optimistic about the economy, which bodes well for future economic growth and stability.
  • Canadian GDP: The Canadian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures were slightly better than anticipated. The growth rate remained flat, defying expectations of a small decline. This positive outcome indicates that the Canadian economy is resilient and potentially performing better than anticipated, providing a favorable outlook for the country’s economic prospects.
  • US ISM Manufacturing PMI: The US Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) was in line with expectations. The PMI measures the level of activity in the manufacturing sector, and an outcome that closely matches expectations suggests stability and consistency in the sector’s performance.


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