Fixed Ratio Money Management: A Key to Success in Forex Trading

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Forex trading, the world’s largest financial market, offers tremendous opportunities for individuals to generate substantial profits. However, navigating the volatile and unpredictable nature of the forex market requires careful planning and a disciplined approach. One such approach that has proven effective for many traders is fixed ratio money management. In this article, we will explore the concept of fixed ratio money management and discuss its application in forex trading.

Understanding Fixed Ratio Money Management

Ryan Jones established the fixed ratio money management strategy in his book, “The Trading Game: Playing by the Numbers to Make Millions”. Fixed ratio money management is a strategy that focuses on determining the appropriate risk-to-reward ratio for each trade, based on the trader’s capital and risk tolerance. It emphasizes maintaining consistency in position sizing and risk management, regardless of the trade outcome.

Unlike other money management techniques, such as fixed fractional or percentage-based risk models, fixed ratio money management adjusts the position size based on a predetermined ratio. The idea is to allocate a fixed percentage of the trading capital to each trade, allowing for potential compounding of profits while minimizing the impact of losses.

Fixed Ratio Money Management Calculations

Fixed Ratio Money Management involves calculating the position size for each trade based on a predetermined risk-to-reward ratio.


Math always appears to be the bad guy, but relax, we’ll walk you through with some examples! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to perform these calculations:

Step 1: Determine your Risk-to-Reward Ratio

The risk-to-reward ratio represents the potential loss compared to the expected profit on a trade. For example, if you are willing to risk $100 to make a potential profit of $200, your risk-to-reward ratio would be 1:2.

Step 2: Assess your Risk Tolerance

Before determining the position size, consider your risk tolerance. This is the maximum percentage of your trading capital that you are willing to risk on a single trade. For example, if you are comfortable risking 2% of your trading capital on each trade, your risk tolerance would be 2%.

Step 3: Calculate the Position Size

To calculate the position size using fixed ratio money management, you need to consider both the risk-to-reward ratio and your risk tolerance. The position size formula is as follows:

Position Size = (Risk Tolerance * Trading Capital) / (Risk-to-Reward Ratio)

Let’s use an example to illustrate this calculation. Suppose you have a trading capital of $10,000 and your risk tolerance is 2% per trade. You have identified a trade with a risk-to-reward ratio of 1:2.

Position Size = (0.02 * $10,000) / (1:2)

Position Size = ($200) / (1:2)

Position Size = $200 / 0.5

Position Size = $400

In this example, the calculated position size is $400. This means you would risk $400 on the trade with a potential profit target of $800 ($400 x 2).

Step 4: Adjusting Position Size based on Account Balance

As your trading account balance changes, you need to adjust the position size accordingly. For example, if your account balance increases to $12,000, and you maintain the same risk tolerance of 2%, you would calculate the new position size using the updated trading capital.

Position Size = (0.02 * $12,000) / (1:2)

Position Size = ($240) / (1:2)

Position Size = $240 / 0.5

Position Size = $480

In this case, with an account balance of $12,000, the new position size would be $480.


Fixed ratio money management is a powerful tool for traders seeking long-term success in the forex market. By implementing a consistent risk-to-reward ratio and adhering to predetermined position sizing, traders can effectively manage risk, preserve capital, and capitalize on profitable opportunities. This approach provides a disciplined and emotionally detached trading experience, leading to increased profitability and overall trading success. Remember, patience and consistency are key when applying fixed ratio money management in forex trading.

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