Forex Forecast: Upcoming Major Data Releases in the 1st Week of February 2024

In the ever-changing landscape of forex trading, where the values of currencies are in constant flux, a multitude of factors steer the course of the market. Among these pivotal elements, major data releases stand out as key events that wield substantial influence over market sentiments and significantly shape trading decisions. For traders striving to maintain a competitive edge, a vigilant focus on this forex forecast is not just advisable; it is paramount.

As we approach the coming week, forex traders must be aware of the upcoming major data releases that could impact currency pairs. Here’s a breakdown of key events based on the UTC+4 time zone, sourced from Trading Economics.

Monday (05/02/2024)

4:30 AM: Australian Balance of Trade

Keep an eye on Australia’s trade balance, as it provides insights into the country’s economic health and can influence the Australian dollar.

7:00 PM: US ISM Services PMI

The Institute for Supply Management’s Services Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for the United States can offer a snapshot of the service sector’s health, impacting the US dollar and related pairs.

Tuesday (06/02/2024)

7:30 AM: Australian RBA Interest Rate Decision

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s interest rate decision is a crucial event for traders involving the Australian dollar, with potential ripple effects on other currency pairs.

Wednesday (07/02/2024)

5:30 PM: Canadian Balance of Trade

Assess the balance of Canada’s exports and imports, providing valuable information about the country’s economic conditions and influencing the Canadian dollar.

Thursday (08/02/2024)

5:30 AM: Chinese Inflation Rate YoY

Keep an eye on China’s year-on-year inflation rate, as it can impact trading across various currency pairs, especially those involving the Chinese yuan.

Friday (09/02/2024)

5:30 PM: Canadian Unemployment Rate

The release of the Canadian Unemployment Rate is a key indicator of the country’s labor market health, influencing the Canadian dollar and related pairs.


Forex trading involves risks, and traders are strongly advised to conduct thorough and independent research before making any investment decisions. Market conditions can change rapidly, and it’s crucial to stay informed and adapt to the evolving landscape.

As the upcoming week unfolds, these major data releases have the potential to shape market trends and create trading opportunities. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and may your trading endeavors be met with success.

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