Forex Forecast: Upcoming Major Data Releases in the Final Week of January 2024

In the dynamic world of forex trading, where currencies constantly shift in value, various factors come into play. One crucial element is major data releases, which are significant events that heavily influence market feelings and impact trading decisions. For traders aiming to stay ahead, paying close attention to this forex forecast is key.

As we approach the coming week, forex traders must be aware of the upcoming major data releases that could impact currency pairs. Here’s a breakdown of key events based on the UTC+4 time zone, sourced from Trading Economics.

Tuesday (30/01/2024)

2:00 PM: Euro Area GDP Growth Rate YoY Flash

Gain insights into the Eurozone’s economic health with the flash release of the GDP growth rate, a pivotal factor for euro traders.

7:00 PM: US JOLTs Job Openings

A crucial indicator of the US labor market, JOLTs Job Openings can impact the US dollar and provide clues about the broader economic landscape.

Wednesday (31/01/2024)

4:30 AM: Australian Inflation Rate YoY

Explore the Australian inflation landscape, offering crucial information for traders navigating the Australian dollar.

5:30 AM: Chinese NBS Manufacturing PMI

The NBS Manufacturing PMI for China is a key gauge of economic activity and can influence trading across various currency pairs.

11:00 PM: US Fed Interest Rate Decision

The Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision is a focal point for traders globally, influencing the US dollar and reverberating across major currencies.

Thursday (01/02/2024)

2:00 PM: Euro Area Inflation Rate YoY Flash

Keep an eye on the flash release of the Eurozone’s inflation rate, which is impacting the euro and offering insights into the region’s economic stability.

4:00 PM: UK BoE Interest Rate Decision

The Bank of England’s interest rate decision is a critical event for traders involved with the British pound, shaping currency movements.

7:00 PM: US ISM Manufacturing PMI

The ISM Manufacturing PMI for the US provides a snapshot of manufacturing activity and can influence the US dollar and related pairs.

Friday (02/02/2024)

5:30 PM: US Non-Farm Payrolls

A cornerstone of economic indicators, Non-Farm payroll data has the potential to significantly impact the US dollar and broader market sentiment.

5:30 PM: US Unemployment Rate

At the same time, keep an eye on the US unemployment rate, which provides additional context to the employment scenario. As a key metric for assessing the health of the US labor market, fluctuations in the Unemployment Rate can influence currency values and market sentiments.


Forex trading involves risks, and traders are strongly advised to conduct thorough and independent research before making any investment decisions. Market conditions can change rapidly, and it’s crucial to stay informed and adapt to the evolving landscape.

As the upcoming week unfolds, these major data releases have the potential to shape market trends and create trading opportunities. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and may your trading endeavors be met with success.

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