Forex Forecast: Upcoming Major Data Releases in the 4th Week of January 2024

The world of forex trading is driven by a multitude of factors that influence currency valuations. Among these, major data releases play a pivotal role in shaping market sentiments and guiding trading decisions. Traders keen on staying ahead of the curve must keep a watchful eye on these releases, as they often lead to significant market volatility and trading opportunities.

As we approach the coming week, forex traders must be aware of the forex forecast from the upcoming major data releases that could impact currency pairs. Here’s a breakdown of key events based on the UTC+4 time zone, sourced from Trading Economics.

Tuesday (23/01/2024)

4:30 AM: Australian NAB Business Confidence

Gain insights into the business sentiment in Australia, providing valuable information about economic conditions and potential currency movements.

7:00 AM: Japanese BoJ Interest Rate Decision

The Bank of Japan’s interest rate decision can significantly influence the Japanese yen’s value, making it a key event for traders.

Wednesday (24/01/2024)

3:50 AM: Japanese Balance of Trade

Assess the balance of Japan’s exports and imports, offering a glimpse into the country’s economic health and its impact on the yen.

7:00 PM: Canadian BoC Interest Rate Decision

The Bank of Canada’s interest rate decision is a critical event, affecting the Canadian dollar and potentially influencing neighboring currencies.

7:00 PM: Canadian BoC Monetary Policy Report

The accompanying monetary policy report provides additional context to the interest rate decision, shedding light on the central bank’s outlook on economic conditions.

Thursday (25/01/2024)

5:15 PM: Euro Area ECB Interest Rate Decision

The European Central Bank’s interest rate decision is a major event for euro traders, impacting not only the euro but also other currency pairs.

5:30 PM: US GDP Growth Rate QoQ Adv

The advanced GDP growth rate for the United States provides a comprehensive view of the country’s economic performance, influencing the US dollar and its counterparts.

Friday (26/01/2024)

3:50 AM: US Core PCE Price Index MoM

The Core PCE Price Index is a key inflation indicator for the US, affecting the dollar’s value and providing insights into potential monetary policy changes.


Forex trading involves risks, and traders are strongly advised to conduct thorough and independent research before making any investment decisions. Market conditions can change rapidly, and it’s crucial to stay informed and adapt to the evolving landscape.

As the upcoming week unfolds, these major data releases have the potential to shape market trends and create trading opportunities. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and may your trading endeavors be met with success.

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