Forex News: USD Pairs Insights and Potential Trends in the Third Week of August 2023

In the ever-evolving realm of the global financial market, understanding the dynamics of currency pairs and their potential trends is akin to deciphering the pulse of economic shifts. As we delve into the third week of August 2023, the spotlight remains firmly fixed on the movements and projections of USD pairs.

Citing from Daily Forex, here are some insights and potential trends on USD pairs in the upcoming trading week.

GBP/USD: British Pound’s Move and Challenges Ahead

In the past trading week, the British pound showed some gains, moving closer to the 200-Week EMA. If it manages to go beyond this point, the market might aim for the 1.30 level. But things might not be too straightforward. The next few weeks could see the market moving not much, mostly sideways. If the pound weakens, there’s a support level at 1.2650. Generally, it seems the market favors going up, but during vacation time, things could be uncertain and not too energetic.

EUR/USD: Euro’s Decline and Key Trends

In the previous trading week, the Euro faced a significant fall and is currently hovering around the 1.09 level. The market is currently testing a crucial uptrend line, which forms the lower boundary of a notable channel that traders have been monitoring. If the market manages to reverse its course and break above the highest point of the week’s candlestick, it might aim for the 200-Week EMA. Should this level be surpassed, the Euro could potentially gain momentum upward. However, if the market turns and breaks below the 50-Week EMA, there’s a possibility the market could drop further to the 1.06 level.

USD/CHF: US Dollar’s Strong Performance

In the current trading week, the US Dollar has shown a considerable rally against the Swiss franc, indicating a notable strengthening of the Dollar. Presently, there are important factors demanding attention, with the 0.89 level holding significant significance. If the market manages to surpass the 0.90 level, it could potentially lead to a substantial upward movement over the extended period. It’s advisable to closely monitor the performance of the US Dollar in general, along with the fact that we are at a key support level on the monthly chart. While I currently have a small long position, it’s primarily being utilized to earn a modest swap rate at the conclusion of each day.

USD/CAD: US Dollar’s Notable Rise

The US Dollar has shown a substantial upward movement against the Canadian Dollar, despite oil’s relatively strong performance. Currently, the market seems to be aiming for the 1.3650 level, a zone that has exhibited resistance in the past. If a breakthrough occurs above this level, it’s likely that the market will set its sights on the 1.38 level, situated at the upper boundary of the overall consolidation range. On the downside, the 1.33 level serves as a support area, drawing strength from both previous support and the presence of the 50-Week EMA.

USD/JPY: US Dollar’s Strong Advance

The US Dollar has shown a noteworthy surge throughout the trading week, testing the ¥146.55 level. This level has held significance in the past, and therefore, a breakthrough above it could likely propel the market further upwards. However, it might not be a straightforward journey. Generally, a short-term retracement could present attractive buying opportunities, especially considering the potential for earning swap profits at day’s end. With the Bank of Japan maintaining an ultra-loose monetary policy, opposing this upward trend doesn’t seem advisable.


The news presented on Prime Codex is solely those of the analysts quoted. They do not represent the opinions of Prime Codex on whether to buy, sell or hold specific pairs. Traders are advised to conduct their independent research before making an investment decision.

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