Stop Out Level: The Emergency Brake in Trading

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You might wonder, is there anything worse than margin call in forex trading? While you expect the answer to be a no, unfortunately there is, and it is called stop out. Let’s buckle up and discuss a not-so-fun aspect of forex trading: the stop out level and stop out

Stop Out Level: The Emergency Brake

Imagine cruising down the forex trading highway, enjoying the thrill of the ride. Suddenly, you spot a sign that reads “Stop Out Level.” It’s like an emergency brake, ready to kick in when your account balance is in danger. It’s a safety mechanism designed to protect you from excessive losses.

In simple terms, the stop out level is a predefined point set by your broker. It’s usually expressed as a percentage, such as 20% or 50%. When your account equity drops to or below this level, the broker steps in and takes action to prevent further losses. Consider it a safety net for your trading account.

The Stop Out: When the Emergency Brake Engages

The stop out is like a tire blowout on the trading journey. When it happens, your broker intervenes to safeguard your account. They close your positions, starting with the most unprofitable ones, to prevent your account balance from plummeting further. It’s a last resort to preserve your capital.

Why Do Stop Outs Occur?

Stop outs occur when your account equity is insufficient to meet the required margin for your open positions. It’s a way for brokers to mitigate risks and protect both you and themselves. After all, they don’t want you to fall into a financial pothole and suffer substantial losses.


Stop outs may throw a wrench in your forex trading plans, but they’re a necessary safeguard. They help protect your account from severe losses and remind you to navigate the markets with caution. Embrace risk management, keep an eye on your account balance, and be prepared for unexpected roadblocks. With the right mindset and perseverance, you can navigate the trading highway and reach your destination successfully. Safe travels, my friend!

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