Let's Understand the Tokyo Session in Forex Trading!

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Konnichiwa, welcome to the Tokyo session in forex also known as the Asian session, where sushi meets trading and the yen takes the spotlight. 


During the Tokyo session, the Japanese yen takes center stage as the third most traded currency, accounting for a whopping 16.8% of all forex transactions. This alone speaks volumes about the significance of this session and the potential opportunities it holds.

So, What Exactly is the Tokyo Session in Forex?

The Tokyo session is a crucial period in the forex market that revolves around the trading activity in Japan and other Asian countries. It kicks off around 11:00 PM GMT and keeps the forex market buzzing until 8:00 AM GMT, drawing in traders from around the world.

Picture yourself in the vibrant streets of Tokyo, as the city comes alive with the hustle and bustle of economic activity. This session sets the stage for the trading day, creating ripples that can be felt across the global markets.

Fun Facts About the Tokyo Session

When it comes to the Tokyo forex session, there are a few important factors to keep in mind:

  • Lower Volatility: During the Tokyo session, the market tends to exhibit lower volatility compared to other sessions. This can be attributed to the fact that major financial centers like London and New York are yet to open. The relatively calm trading environment can provide stability and a more predictable price action, which is favored by some traders.
  • Clear Entry and Exit Points: Due to the lower liquidity and reduced volatility, the Tokyo session often adheres to key levels of support and resistance. This means that price movements may gravitate towards these levels, making it easier for traders to identify potential entry and exit points. Paying attention to these levels can enhance your trading decisions and improve your overall strategy.
  • Sound Risk Management: The Tokyo session’s characteristics make it suitable for implementing sound risk management practices. With lower volatility, you have a better chance of controlling your trades and minimizing potential losses. This session provides an opportunity to fine-tune your risk management techniques and ensure you’re effectively managing your positions.
  • Breakout Opportunities: As the Tokyo session draws to a close, it transitions to the opening of other major sessions. This can create breakout opportunities as traders anticipate the market’s reaction to new developments. Being aware of these potential breakouts can help you capitalize on price movements and take advantage of market transitions.

Which Pairs is Best to Trade During the Tokyo Session?

When it comes to trading during the Tokyo session in forex, the choice of currency pairs depends on your personal trading style and strategy. If you thrive on highly volatile markets and seek thrilling trading opportunities, then focusing on currency pairs involving the Japanese yen, Singapore dollar, Australian dollar, and New Zealand dollar may be your cup of tea.

The Japanese yen, being the domestic currency in Japan, naturally experiences increased activity and volatility during the Tokyo session. This makes yen pairs like USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, or AUD/JPY popular choices among traders looking for action-packed moves.

Additionally, keep an eye on currency pairs involving the Singapore dollar (SGD), Australian dollar (AUD), and New Zealand dollar (NZD). These currencies are often influenced by economic developments and news releases from Asia-Pacific countries, which can spark volatility and present trading opportunities.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more stable and predictable trading environment, you may opt for none-Asian currency pairs during the TokyosSession. Pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and EUR/GBP are well-known for their liquidity and tend to exhibit less volatility during this session. These pairs offer a smoother trading experience for those who prefer a calmer ride.

Cool, now that you’ve explored the Tokyo session in forex and gained insights into its unique characteristics, it’s time to delve into the other trading sessions. Let’s discover the exciting opportunities they hold!

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